Grey Blue ‘Houndtooth’ Suit

Grey Blue ‘Houndtooth’ Suit






We particularly like this suit at Carbonella Suits. It has a very nice structure that reflects a young gentleman with a seriously good taste. Originated from Scottish times where the blend was first made. You can’t go wrong with a pattern like this. Especially in this color formation. Wear this separately as well on jeans to have to extra an modern look!

The Details

Purchase the complete look 3-piece suit as presented with the following options:

- Single breasted 2 button suit
- Semi-Peak lapel
- Double besom breast pocket
- Double besom lower pockets
- 3 Sleeve buttons
- Double side vents
- Pants with no pleats (modern look)
- Waisteband finished with snugtex (easy comfort)
- Vest with 4 buttons
- V-shape collar
- Pointy bottom
- Double besom front pockets


- 100% Merinowool
- Satin thread finishing