The Prince Of Wales Suit

The Prince Of Wales Suit






OK, this one is worn by those who are into suits. The name speaks for itself. This suit oozes character and is worn by the most stylish men on the globe. Feel like wearing a suit that is subtle, not too loud and full of character, than this is your pick for today.

The Details

Purchase the complete look 3-piece suit as presented with the following options:

- Single breasted 2 button suit
- Semi-notch lapel
- Arc breast pocket
- Double besom lower pockets
- 4 Sleeve buttons
- Double side vents
- Pants with no pleats (modern look)
- Waisteband finished with snugtex (easy comfort)
- Vest with 5 buttons
- V-shape collar
- Pointy bottom
- Double besom front pockets


- 100% Merinowool
- Satin thread finishing