Black Smoking ‘At Night’ Suit

Black Smoking ‘At Night’ Suit






Weddings, private parties, cocktail events. Surely you will have to attend those once in your lifetime. Be prepared to look different with this custom made tailored Tux. Now the lapel in black satin finish is a stunner that differentiates the wannabes from the real gents. Attending a party? Get this one for sure!

The Details

Purchase the complete look 3-piece suit as presented with the following options:

- Single breasted 1 button suit
- Shawl lapel with black satin
- Double besom breast pocket
- Double besom lower pockets in black satin
- 2 Sleeve buttons
- Double side vents
- Pants with no pleats (modern look)
- Waisteband finished with snugtex (easy comfort)
- Vest with 3 buttons
- Shawl lapel collar in satin black
- Pointy bottom
- Double besom front pockets in satin black


- 100% Merinowool
- Satin thread finishing
- Black satin finishing